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Saki Shimizu – Beach Babe

7 Nov

Idol photobooks will invariably feature bikini/swimsuit photos. It’s practically a law. That being said, when Captain finally got her photobook, I’m sure legions of Shimizu fans squeed with excitement at seeing her bikini clad and cute.

I’d say they probably weren’t disappointed. I sure waasn’t. Saki is terribly cute. She looks great in biknis and of course I have to say it: the girl has really cute feet.

Here’s one of my favorite shots from that photo session!

Click for hi-res!

Lin Lin – Panda In Pink

21 Oct

Here’s Linlin looking pretty in pink, accentuated by her blue toes!

I miss the pandas and feel it was a big mistake for Tsunku to just get rid of them the way he did. They had a good fanbase and were definitely talented. Linlin had arguably the best vocals in that particular MoMusu line-up.

Tsunku could’ve kept them around – maybe even spun them off into their own W-esque  duo group. What a shame. Sometimes I think that man is a bit shortsighted.

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Airi Suzuki – Kappa Princess

12 Oct

Some of my favorite pics of Airi Suzuki usually involve her and water. Of course, water and idols mix well and she’s no exception. I love how serene this shot is. The stillness of the water is barely disturbed by Airi’s pretty feet.

From her expression, Airi seems to be enjoying the sensation of the water under the soles of her feet. On the other hand, that textured area she’s sitting on doesn’t look too comfortable on one’s backside!

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