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Yuu Kikkawa – I Love Yuu!

28 May

Here is the lovely, gorgeous, and super talented Yuu Kikkawa! You’ll no doubt remember her as an Egg and then later as part of Milky Way with Koharu Kusumi and Sayaka Kitahara.

Yuu has had a steady slew of work released – singles (3 of them so far and a new one on the way), an album, a solo dvd, and a photobook! And let’s not forget her voice acting work and movie roles! I predict great things for Yuu in the near future!

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Erina Mano is All Wet!

24 Jan

Here’s a beautiful pic if Hello! Project soloist Erina Mano (doing The Pose too)!

At the risk of sounding like a perv (too late, I know), I like my H!P idols best when they’re wet.

I’d say there are four who get wet the most – Airi Suzuki, Maimi Yajima, Ai Takahashi, and Erina Mano. That’s right. On the beach, in a pool, in a bathtub, in a river or creek; you will typically find these four girls frequently drenched.

Notable mentions for dousing go to Momoko Tsugunaga and Rika Ishikawa. They get pretty wet too.

I’ll just be quiet now.

PS, keep those questions coming!

Oh and someone wanna tell me what the heck a “touhou” is?

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Erina Mano – Fuzzy Flip Flops

12 Dec

Here’s Erina Mano looking cute as ever from what I believe is a magazine photo! She’s just the cutest and, oh what’s this? She’s got her yummy tootsies in an awesome pair of flip flops!

No, seriously! Take a look at those shoes! They look so comfy! I wear regular ones quite a lot, so I’m going to track a pair just like these down!

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