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Much Love For The New Girls of S/mileage!

19 Dec

Ok, I admit – I hated the idea of expanding S/mileage’s lineup with the addition of new members. We lost one beloved member and we’re about to lose the other over this ordeal (UFA – don’t believe their lies.)

After listening to their new single, プリーズ ミニスカ ポストウーマン! (Please Mini Skirt Post Woman!), I must admit I LIKE the new S/mileage. Not just that, I LOVE the new girls! I think they’re adorable and honestly, S/mileage has become fun again!

So, I feel compelled to share my love for the new girls, Kana Nakanishi, Akari Takeuchi, Rina Katsuta, Meimi Tamura – especially Princess Meimi, with these great photos of the girls from some random Japanese magazine whose name escapes me at the moment!