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Ayaka Wada & Kanon Fukuda – Poolside Beauties

14 Sep

Hello! It’s Erika! Long time no see, right?

Here’s a BEAUTIFUL picture Ayaka Wada and Kanon Fukuda of S/mileage from their new photobook “S/mileage 2 – Ayaka non 18 Sai no Yakusoku”.

As always, click for the hi-res version!

Ayaka Wada and Kanon Fukuda

C-ute – Old School Cuties!

16 Apr

Hi everyone! Erika here!

No, I’m not dead or even sick! Life has a nasty habit of catching up with you! Between work, school, and recently taxes, I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to update this site properly!

So to make it up to you, here are some great photos of C-ute in their “infancy”. I believe this is from their first group photobook, after Megumi Murakami left the group.

I wonder how C-ute would have turned out if UFA had managed to hang on to Megumi, Erika, and Kanna. Such a shame they were lost.

BTW, keep those questions coming! I’ve got quite a few good (and strange) questions from Formspring from you folks! Keep your eyes peeled for another blog entry featuring those questions! And don’t feel the need to censor yourselves! I’m a big girl and won’t be offended! Some of the more “saucier” questions are actually kind of funny!

Click for hi-res!

Click for more hi-res cuteness!

Riho Sayashi – 9th Generation Superstar!

5 Apr

Most of you know of my new found love and appreciation of Morning Musume’s ninth generation! I pretty much love them all equally. They’re definitely a breath of fresh air for Morning Musume and us fans!

That being said, here’s a great photo of the adorable Riho Sayashi, self proclaimed future leader of Morning Musume and I believe it! She’s got the raw talent and personality to take her straight to the top. With all the attention and promotion UFA has been giving her, management obviously sees her potential.

Click for cuteness!