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Pajama Night WIth Risa Niigaki and Pics of My Feet?

21 Jan

We all knew it was coming, but I really hate  that Risa is graduating soon. Sure, nothing lasts forever, but still…

Her run as leader of Morning Musume will be short lived. I would have liked to have seen what MoMusu would have done under her leadership, but as she’s due to graduate in the spring time that won’t be happening. She had originally intended to graduate with Ai-chan, but stuck around to mentor the new girls.

So here we have her cooling or warming her feet at some inn/onsen/resort. This is part of a great series of photos that also feature Chinami Tokunaga, Yuuka Maeda, Kana Nakanishi, and Saki Nakajima called “Pajama Night” that took place at something or other. Sorry, I can’t read the kanji name of the venue.

At first I thought they had their feet in one of those “therapeutic” pools where the tiny fish nibble dead skin off your feet, but I didn’t see any fish in the water. I don’t know if I would ever try one of those myself as my feet are really ticklish.

Speaking of my feet, I’ve been getting a lot of requests for pictures of them. Do you all really want to see them that badly?

If so,  I may get my roomie to snap a shot of them. You might see it on my “About Me” page. Keep your eyes peeled!

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Morning Musume – Eight Out of Nine Ain’t Bad!

6 Dec

This is probably one of my favorite Morning Musume pictures. This was the lineup for their excellent Sexy 8 Beat album. I believe this was during their visit to Hawaii for the ever popular Alo Hello photoshoots.

Too bad Ai-chan had her legs tucked away.

Again, as I’ve surmised on other H!P photos, the focus seems to be on their feet. I’m pretty sure the photographer took tons of photos as I’ve seen a few other photos of the girls on the couch, bare feet front and center.

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Risa Niigaki – Going For A Ride!

2 Dec

Did anyone else not like Risa’s hair like this? I don’t care for it much, but she sure is cute here. I love(d) her long hair, but not when she’s so scary skinny looking!

Here we have Risa going for a little ride on on the washer and dryer (trust me, as I speak from experience, this works). Bad hair aside, Risa looks adorable (cute outfit!) and she’s sort of giving that “knowing look”, as if she’s a pro at these trips.

Bon voyage, Risa!

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