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Morning Musume – Lovely Lineup

9 Nov

Yahoo! Sorry for not updating for a while! I’ve been crazy busy with work, school, and various goings on with my personal life! Nothing bad I assure you, but they’ve kept me pretty darned busy!

Here’s a beautiful group shot of Morning Musume! This is obviously before 11th generation member Sakura Oda was added to the group.

I personally love these types of shots of the girls, where they’re doing some kind of theme be it outfits or what have you.

The Cutest Green Fairy

26 Jan

This green fairy won’t leave you on your ass drunk and hallucinating, unless you’ve got a wild imagination and are punch drunk from the Zukki cuteness!

I love this wonderfully charming photo of Kanon Suzuki dressed as a fairy in her green MoMusu color. Zukki looks super cute here and this outfit really suits her personality!

Also, the shoes she’s wearing make her legs look killer!

Click for hi-res!

Kanon Suzuki – Infectious Girl!

13 Jan

No, I don’t mean infectious like the flu or a zombie plague. Kanon Suzuki, a spaztastic 9th generation addition to Morning Musume, has got that zany personality that makes you think “WTF..?!”.

On top of the wacky mannerisms and Charmy-esque voice, Kanon has a killer million dollar smile. It’s hard not to smile along with her.

I’ve really come to enjoy the 9th generation girls. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of them.

Now, on to learning who the new 10th generation girls are.

Click for awesomeness!