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Morning Musume – Lovely Lineup

9 Nov

Yahoo! Sorry for not updating for a while! I’ve been crazy busy with work, school, and various goings on with my personal life! Nothing bad I assure you, but they’ve kept me pretty darned busy!

Here’s a beautiful group shot of Morning Musume! This is obviously before 11th generation member Sakura Oda was added to the group.

I personally love these types of shots of the girls, where they’re doing some kind of theme be it outfits or what have you.

Erina Ikuta – Warm Fuzzy Feeling

27 Jan

Do cute photos of Eripon give you warm fuzzy feelings? I get them!

This gorgeous shot of Morning Musume’s Erina Ikuta is from a recent magazine shoot.

I’d say she’s getting prettier by the day and beautiful photos like this really show it.

I just wish the scan was higher quality. If a better scan turns up, and they usually do, I’ll swap the photo out.

But for now, please enjoy some Eripon goodness!

Erina Ikuta – Ryoukai!

11 Jan

Here’s a great shot of Erina Ikuta from Morning Musume’s recent Alo-Hello outing last year.

Did I mention how much I adore it when idols strike this pose? It’s honestly too cute. I’m glad to see Eripon doing it.

What’s up with that shirtless old man in the background?

Click for goodness!