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Morning Musume – Eight Out of Nine Ain’t Bad!

6 Dec

This is probably one of my favorite Morning Musume pictures. This was the lineup for their excellent Sexy 8 Beat album. I believe this was during their visit to Hawaii for the ever popular Alo Hello photoshoots.

Too bad Ai-chan had her legs tucked away.

Again, as I’ve surmised on other H!P photos, the focus seems to be on their feet. I’m pretty sure the photographer took tons of photos as I’ve seen a few other photos of the girls on the couch, bare feet front and center.

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Aika Mitsui – Mittens in Red

18 Nov

Poor Aika. She’s got a very strong and loyal fan base and yet she seems to get an extreme amount of criticism from Western H!P fans. I’m not sure if she gets any flack from Japanese fans, though I’m sure there’s a fair amount of Aika haters there.

She seems to be the forgotten MoMusu member. Constantly sidelined by a nagging injury, Aika isn’t able to participate in a lot of events. She will make appearances though, either standing immobile or sitting. Now we’ve got the 9th and 10th generation MoMusu members vying for our attentions. Honestly, I’m JUST now getting used to 9th gen (Eripon <3) and I know practically NOTHING about the 10th generation.

Hopefully Aika will make a speedy recovery and get back into the action soon. There’s a lot of people worried that she’ll do a forced graduation due to her injuries!

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Aika Mitsui – Get Well Soon!

14 Oct

I’m not the biggest Aika fan. I don’t really care for her voice or personality much, but I do admit she can look pretty cute at times.

She needs to take better care of herself, though, as she’s currently sidelined with a nagging foot injury. She does have pretty cute feet I noticed. Maybe she’ll win me over…only time will tell.

Get well soon, Mittsi!

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