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Morning Musume – Eight Out of Nine Ain’t Bad!

6 Dec

This is probably one of my favorite Morning Musume pictures. This was the lineup for their excellent Sexy 8 Beat album. I believe this was during their visit to Hawaii for the ever popular Alo Hello photoshoots.

Too bad Ai-chan had her legs tucked away.

Again, as I’ve surmised on other H!P photos, the focus seems to be on their feet. I’m pretty sure the photographer took tons of photos as I’ve seen a few other photos of the girls on the couch, bare feet front and center.

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Tanaka X Takahashi

30 Nov

Here’s one of my favorite pictures of both Reina Tanaka and Ai Takahashi. These two rank pretty high on my favorites list!

Not sure where this photo is from, a magazine shoot I think, but there are some cute things I noticed going on here – Reina flashing a peace sign behind her back and a what appears to be a toe ring on her left foot! I’ve said it before, sole shots aren’t normally my thing, but this particular shot of Reina is really nice. Ai-chan is no slouch either.

Is it just me, or is the real focus in this photo not the girls but their feet?

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Ai Takahashi – Sunny Contemplation

10 Nov

Here’s a great picture of the stunningly beautiful Ai Takahashi. She seems lost in thought. Perhaps she’s tired from a long day of photo-shoots?

One thing is for sure, something near her left foot has her attention.

Sigh, I miss Ai-chan.

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