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Hello! Project Feet Q&A for 5/3/12

3 May

Hi everyone! Erika here!

It’s time for the Hello! Project Feet Formspring Q&A!

If you were a German citizen during the time of the holocaust, but your favorite idol was a Jew; would you help hide the Jewish idol in your attic knowing full well that if you are caught you and your Jewish idol will be sent to the death camps?

For my favorite idol? Yup, it’s worth the risk for sure!

Which part of the foot do you like?

I’m not partial to any one part. Toes can be cute, though!

Three: where are you from? whats your full name? do you work or study (what work, or what major)?

Nowhere in particular! Something-or-other! Yup and yup! That’s all you get!

Which color painted toe-nail do you like?

I usually don’t paint my toenails, but bright colors can be fun! I think red is sort of tacky, but black can be nice!

you sexy picture

Thanks, I guess!

what about long toenails?

Yuck! Don’t like mine long!

Who is your favorite new MM member?

I’d have to say Kanon Suzuki! I love Zukki! She’s spastastic and cute! Nice legs and feet too!

Which type of toe-nail is appealing to you? Short/long/color?

I keep mine trimmed! Color doesn’t really matter!

still hoping to see some of your foot pics. a sole shot would be wonderful!! why dont u like sole shots??

LOL, yeah I don’t want to litter this blog with too many shots of my feet as that would go against the theme, right? As far as sole shots go, I’m warming up to them. I’m starting to see the appeal!

The Morning Musume tour bus crashed in front of your house. The idols have been on the road for hours and are hungry. They ask you to make them some food. What do you cook? Also, all of the idols lost their shoes and socks in the crash. (no injuries)

How about pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon? Who doesn’t love breakfast at any time of day? As far as the girls being barefoot, I guess I could secretly snap photos, lol! I suppose I could lend them socks!

how old were u when u discovered u had a foot fetish??

Hm, 7 or 8? I think it was during an innocent game of footsies with another girl, who was a classmate. We were watching cartoons after school, laying in front of the TV, both of us in “The Pose” and it just sort of happened!

If you were on Omlec’s “Legends of the Hidden Temple” which H!P member would you want as your partner? Which team would you want to be on? Also both of you would have no shoes or socks.

Hmm, I had never seen this show until looking it up on Youtube. That being said, I’d have to choose Maimi Yajima of C-ute. She’s quite athletic and would probably do well! But doing these courses barefoot? They look pretty rough on the feet! Me and Maimi would probably end up giving each other a foot massage after the show. (^____^)


So, I have noticed Imageshack has reduced the size of a lot of the photos I have here. What I label as hi-res are anything but. With that, I’m decided that I’m going to go through older posts and replace the affected photos.

Sorry about that guys!

Hello! Project Feet Q&A for 3/12/12

12 Mar

Hi everyone! It’s me, Erika! It’s time for me to answer your questions I received via Formspring!

Here we go:


can you upload pic of your feet again…:)

how about some more pics of your feet?? they were cute!!

I’ll add a new photo in the near future!

erina mano

Yup. O_o

Which idol(s) do you think you could beat in a fight? Which idol(s) would you lose to?

As much as it would pain me to, I think I could take Momoko. I would probably get my butt handed to me by Maimi or even Maasa, though. Risa looks like she may be a bit tough, but I could be mistaken.

I’m a boy, and I have a problem telling girls that I like feet. What should I do? Should I hide it? Not every girl would understand it (I know you would)

Yeah, very few girls are into that, but they’re out there for sure. You have to slowly work it in. If there is a girl you’re friendly with, offer to massage her feet (work in the suggestion when it’s appropriate or you’ll creep her out). If you can get her comfortable with you touching her feet (many don’t like it), you can build up from there. This worked with me and my roommate as she would come home from work (food server) and complain about her feet aching. I managed it to where she practically begs me for foot massages now. And no, it doesn’t go beyond that. Yes, she is aware of my interests and is cool with it.

Which Idol would you want as your partner if you were a policewoman?

Hmmm. All signs point to Maimi Yajima.

Which Idol would you want as your cellmate in jail?

My cellmate? What am I in jail for? Well, if it’s a long sentence, then I guess I’d want someone on the petite side in there with me as those cells look pretty cramped. Maybe Momoko? Chisato? Captain?

Which Idol would you want to receive all of your worldly possessions as detailed in your Last Will & Testament?

Hehe, I really don’t own that much stuff. I’d rather leave my stuff for charity.

Which Idol would you give a foot massage to? Which Idol do you think would give the best foot massage?

OOh. This is a tough one. It’s more like, which idol wouldn’t I give a foot massage to. I wouldn’t want to waste a good massage on someone who’s going to giggle and shriek the whole time, so girls like Chinami are out. I’d want to give a foot massage to someone who could really appreciate it. So I’m thinking – Maimi yajima, Ai Takahashi, Eri Kamei, Ayaka Wada, Airi Suzuki, and Momoko Tsugunaga. Just for starters.

Which Idol “type” would you be if you were an idol? 囧

I don’t think I could do the non-stop cute act like Momoko. I’d probably be myself, which is (so I’ve been told) the funny, laid back type.

can u give me the webiste of latest picture of airi suzuki & maeda yuuka

Google for starters. I’m sure any dedicated H!P blog or website will have some. Have you tried Hello! Online?

So, that’s it for now! Please keep the questions coming! They’re a lot of fun to answer!

OH! If you have an H!P related blog and/or website and you’d like for us to add each other to our blogrolls, please feel free to contact me with your URL and I’ll add you and you can add me back (pretty please?)

See you soon!

Hello! Project Feet Q&A for 2/21/12

21 Feb

Hi everyone!

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while! Real life has caught up with me and kept me away from posting the goodness you all love!

Now, I have a new batch of Formspring questions submitted by you kind folks!

Which Idol would you confess your love to under the sakura tree behind the school building?

Hmmm, I’d have to go with Yurina Kumai or Maimi Yajima.

Which Idol would team up with a sassy black woman and solve crimes in the new smash hit movie of the Summer?

Definitely Momoko Tsugunaga. I mean, check this out:

Wouldn’t that be hillarious?

Which Idol would you like to teach to drive?

Abe Natsume. ( ̄~ ̄;)

Can i kiss your feet

Only if you’re a girl!

Which Idol’s feet is the prettiest?

In this order: Ai Takahashi, Ayaka Wada, Yuuka Maeda, Koharu Kusumi, Maimi Yajima, Erina Mano

take off your shoes

Don’t have to tell me twice!

OK everyone! Keep sending in those questions! They’re a lot of fun to read and answer!