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Miyabi Natsuyaki – Buono Girl!

29 Feb

Here’s a great pic of Miyabi Natsuyaki (I love that name!) from Berryz Kobo and Buono!.

I really miss her longer hair! I’m sure I’m not alone in that sentiment! More recent pictures of Miya indicate that she may be growing out her hair, so we’ll see!

First here’s a cute little infomercial featuring Miya and Buono!. Here, you get a quick close up of Miya’s cute foot! I don’t wear heels often enough to run into the problem presented in the commercial!

And here’s a nice pic from Miya’s photobook! She’s got killer legs in this photo and really cute feet! Enjoy!

Click for hi-res!

New Ayaka Wada Photobook Preview!

31 Jan

Here are two photos from Ayaka Wada’s new upcoming photobook. S/mileage’s leader sure is leggy!

What better way to show off her long legs than having her pose in swimsuits and short skirts!

I swear, this girl is ALL legs! I’m so envious…yummy feet too!

Click for hi-res!

Momoko Tsugunaga – Berryz Best Butt

20 Jan

I’ve said it before and I’ll go ahead and say it again (though some may disagree with me): behind (*grin*) Ai-chan, Momoko has the nicest butt in Hello! Project and definitely the nicest in Berryz Kobo. Her sexy legs and cute little feet aren’t bad either!

We all know it. She knows it. UFA knows it. The photographers definitely know it. Why do you think she’s got so many butt shots in her photobooks and other photo shoots?

For example:


Click for hi-res Momo!