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Ai Kago & Nozomi Tsuji – Double Trouble

19 Oct

Ai Kago and Nozomi Tsuji, formerly of Morning Musume, Minimoni and W. Of these groups, I really enjoyed their work as W the most. Cute, fun songs, catchy videos – the girls had risen to a plateau of popularity until it all came crashing down thanks to some pretty poor choices made by both girls.

These days, Tsuji is enjoying being a mom, writing books, designing clothes and various cute accessories. Kago, on the other hand, is still surrounded by a cloud of tragedy thanks to non-stop bad decisions. Her latest misadventure involving her with older men and their alleged extortion attempts…oh and her suicide attempt. PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER KAGO!

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Nozomi Tsuji – Daydreamin’

17 Jul

Nozomi Tsuji (married name Nozomi Sugiura) had a successful run as a member of Morning Musume and Minimoni and later as one half of the duo W (with her partner in crime, Ai Kago). After W’s new single and third album were shelved thanks to Kago’s antics, Nono would later be part of her own “scandal” – she announced that she was pregnant and would marry!

Unlike Ai Kago, who’s career seemingly suffered, Nono actually spun her pregnancy and marriage into something positive: taking the role as a modern and cute mother! Nozomi would go on to write a few books on motherhood, do an album for kids, and launch a line of baby clothing! On top of all of that, she gave birth to a second child!

I would have loved to hear the new W single and album that got shelved. I heard that Tsunku recycled some of these unreleased songs for other H!P acts. Wonder who got what?

Here’s a great photo of Nono from her 2nd photobook, “Non no 19”.

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Nozomi Tsuji