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Morning Musume – Eight Out of Nine Ain’t Bad!

6 Dec

This is probably one of my favorite Morning Musume pictures. This was the lineup for their excellent Sexy 8 Beat album. I believe this was during their visit to Hawaii for the ever popular Alo Hello photoshoots.

Too bad Ai-chan had her legs tucked away.

Again, as I’ve surmised on other H!P photos, the focus seems to be on their feet. I’m pretty sure the photographer took tons of photos as I’ve seen a few other photos of the girls on the couch, bare feet front and center.

Click for hi-res!

Miki Fujimoto – Bathed in Light & Glittery Toes!

23 Nov

Ah, Miki-sama! It’s good to see she hasn’t faded into obscurity like some idols do.

She graduated from Hello! Project in 2009 and married! She’s been seen here and there promoting various products and now she’s back in H!P performing with Dream Morning Musume.

Mikitty has a notoriously loyal group of followers, complete with the usual wota dances and chants. I’d say they’re probably the most hardcore bunch amongst H!P fans. Check out their Miki-sama chant – “Miki-sama Miki-sama oshioki kibonnu” which is roughly “Miki-sama, please punish me!” LOL, I love these guys!


Ok, now to chase away that sweaty, grimy feeling, here’s a pallete cleanser and some Mikitty goodness! Am I the only one that likes getting foot massages like this?


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