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Morning Musume – Eight Out of Nine Ain’t Bad!

6 Dec

This is probably one of my favorite Morning Musume pictures. This was the lineup for their excellent Sexy 8 Beat album. I believe this was during their visit to Hawaii for the ever popular Alo Hello photoshoots.

Too bad Ai-chan had her legs tucked away.

Again, as I’ve surmised on other H!P photos, the focus seems to be on their feet. I’m pretty sure the photographer took tons of photos as I’ve seen a few other photos of the girls on the couch, bare feet front and center.

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Koharu Kusumi – Hide and Peek

13 Oct

Here we find Koharu on the floor and under the table? Why is she there? Who knows, but I’m certainly enjoying the view!

I love her outfit as it looks quite comfy, similar to what I’d sleep in – minus the frilly part. Koharu just signed up with Illume, which was Erika Umeda’s ex-modeling agency. Koharu definitely has the looks for modeling and in my opinion she would make an excellent foot model too. Next to Ai Takahashi, Koharu definitely has the nicest feet of the ex-MoMusu girls!

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Koharu Kusumi – Miracle Birthday Girl

15 Jul

Happy Birthday Koharu! You read that right, it’s Koharu’s birthday! She just turned 19 (my how time flies!). I’m glad she hasn’t completely disappeared like some former H!P performers. She’s recently been active with Dream Morning Musume, which in itself is a great, awesome thing!

Here’s a great photo from her 2nd photobook, “POP”! Cute as always, Koharu! Happy Birthday!

Click for hi-res!

Koharu Kusumi
BIRTHDAY OMAKE!!! (I love this one! Click for you know what!) ^____^

Koharu Kusumi - Omake!