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Rika Ishikawa – Bejeweled Toes

6 Nov

While she’s busy putting on shows with Hangry & Angry and Dream Morning Musume, I’d like to take time to appreciate Rika Ishikawa a bit more!

Here’s another really great photo of her! I really love the color on her toes. Even better, I love the little jewels that were carefully placed there!

Imagine being the girl who got to be up close and “personal” with Charmy’s feet. This girl is…

Click for hi-res!

Rika Ishikawa – Charmy Toes

26 Jul

Rika Ishikawa, aka Charmy, graduated from Morning Musume some years ago, had a nice run with Biyuuden, rocking out with Hitomi Yoshizawa as one half of Hangry & Angry, and is now performing in Dream Morning Musume with other former MoMusu members.

This is a cute photo! I love her smile and I love the color on her toes!

Click for hi-res!

Rika Ishikawa