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Rika Ishikawa – Bejeweled Toes

6 Nov

While she’s busy putting on shows with Hangry & Angry and Dream Morning Musume, I’d like to take time to appreciate Rika Ishikawa a bit more!

Here’s another really great photo of her! I really love the color on her toes. Even better, I love the little jewels that were carefully placed there!

Imagine being the girl who got to be up close and “personal” with Charmy’s feet. This girl is…

Click for hi-res!

Rika Ishikawa – Charmy Toes

26 Jul

Rika Ishikawa, aka Charmy, graduated from Morning Musume some years ago, had a nice run with Biyuuden, rocking out with Hitomi Yoshizawa as one half of Hangry & Angry, and is now performing in Dream Morning Musume with other former MoMusu members.

This is a cute photo! I love her smile and I love the color on her toes!

Click for hi-res!

Rika Ishikawa

Yui Okada – Gone But Not Forgotten

12 Jul

V-U-Den/Biyuuden/Biyuden, however you choose to spell it (I spell it Biyuuden), was a great group! Comprised of Rika Ishikawa, Erika Miyoshi and my favorite, Yui Okada!

Cute, sexy and funny all rolled into a wonderfully yummy package, Yui had that something about her. To my knowledge, she released one solo photobook, called “I DOLL” and an accompanying dvd. I’ve only seen scans of her photobook and clips of the dvd on Youtube, and what a treat it was!  Great locations, cute outfits, and not surprisingly Yui’s cute feet! Sadly she retired from the entertainment world in 2010 to pursue studies in cosmetology.

Here’s one of my favorite, and one of the best, shots from her “I DOLL” photobook!

As always, click to see hi-res version!

Yui Okada