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C-ute – Old School Cuties!

16 Apr

Hi everyone! Erika here!

No, I’m not dead or even sick! Life has a nasty habit of catching up with you! Between work, school, and recently taxes, I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to update this site properly!

So to make it up to you, here are some great photos of C-ute in their “infancy”. I believe this is from their first group photobook, after Megumi Murakami left the group.

I wonder how C-ute would have turned out if UFA had managed to hang on to Megumi, Erika, and Kanna. Such a shame they were lost.

BTW, keep those questions coming! I’ve got quite a few good (and strange) questions from Formspring from you folks! Keep your eyes peeled for another blog entry featuring those questions! And don’t feel the need to censor yourselves! I’m a big girl and won’t be offended! Some of the more “saucier” questions are actually kind of funny!

Click for hi-res!

Click for more hi-res cuteness!

Saki Nakajima – Nom Nom Nacky!

19 Jan

Here’s a great shot of C-ute’s Saki Nakajima!

Nacky has really embraced her sexy side lately. She was always cute and pretty but now she’s turning into a little vixen!

Click for hi-res!

Saki Nakajima – The Pose

29 Nov

Here’s the lovely Saki Nakajima of C-ute fame, looking rather gorgeous as she lies partially submerged. This great shot is from her latest photobook entitled “W Saki”. Yeah, I don’t get the name either. I thought they would’ve used Nakky (or Nacky) again, but whatever.

I did a little research and found out that amongst hardcore foot fetishists, the pose Nakky is in is often times referred to as “The Pose”. Supposedly, foot fetishists who are into soles (doesn’t float my boat, btw) LOVE this. I think it’s just a cute pose, pure and simple!

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