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C-ute – Old School Cuties!

16 Apr

Hi everyone! Erika here!

No, I’m not dead or even sick! Life has a nasty habit of catching up with you! Between work, school, and recently taxes, I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to update this site properly!

So to make it up to you, here are some great photos of C-ute in their “infancy”. I believe this is from their first group photobook, after Megumi Murakami left the group.

I wonder how C-ute would have turned out if UFA had managed to hang on to Megumi, Erika, and Kanna. Such a shame they were lost.

BTW, keep those questions coming! I’ve got quite a few good (and strange) questions from Formspring from you folks! Keep your eyes peeled for another blog entry featuring those questions! And don’t feel the need to censor yourselves! I’m a big girl and won’t be offended! Some of the more “saucier” questions are actually kind of funny!

Click for hi-res!

Click for more hi-res cuteness!

Chisato Okai and “The Pose”

16 Jan

Here’s a great shot of super duper C-utie Chisato Okai. This is from C-ute’s  “Cutest” photobook sessions although I think this particular image may have been scanned from a magazine. You can see the next page bleeding through, unfortunately.

Fortunately it’s a great shot of Okai doing the fan favorite “pose“. Hardcore foot fetishists go nuts for this pose. I don’t know why. I think it’s overall just a really cute pose, but I’ve seen some people gush over it. Is it because you get a view of her soles (another thing I don’t get either)? Her feet are higher than her head? Anyone?

Anyway, it’s a darn cute shot of Chisato. The “Cutest” photobook is so full of win, I’m darn near about to order my own copy!

Click for hi-res!

C-ute – Cutest Preview!

16 Nov

C-ute has a new photobook on the way entitled “Cutest”. A few sample pics have been released with this one being one of the few in a hi-res format (well, close to hi-res I suppose).

The girls look absolutely gorgeous here in their swimwear. A few of them look a bit uncomfortable or awkward, though. Despite that, I like the mix of swimwear and footwear they have going on. I’d personally just stick to flip-flops, but that’s not as sexy, ne?

Click for hi-res!