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Yurina Kumai – Lovely In The Woods

15 Jun

Berryz Kobo was recently in America, this time on the East Coast! They made an appearance at AnimeNEXT in New Jersey and I’m sure they took in the sights and sounds of New York City!

Well, here’s H!P’s resident giant, Yurina Kumai! She’s breathtakingly beautiful and when paired with a great photographer, we get splendid photos like this!

I wonder if she still hates tomatoes?

Click for hi-res!

Yurina Kumai & Chinami Tokunaga – Foot Torture

7 Mar

In episode 39 of HelloPro! Time, Berryz Kobo’s Yurina Kumai and Chinami Tokunaga visit a massage therapy/day spa with humorous results.

The way Chinami reacts, you’d think they were poking needles into her feet (actually, they really do that to her face later!). Meanwhile in the back, Yurina appears to be thoroughly enjoying her foot massage. I noticed she has pretty flat and long feet. Chinami’s feet seem pretty large too.

It’s cute and funny and I’m pretty impressed that the girls’ feet aren’t more gnarled due to all the dancing they do in heels, as brought up by regular HPF visitor Martha!

Anyway, I edited down the episode to just the foot massage part, so enjoy!



Here are a few screencaps of Chinami’s feet! We really didn’t get to see Yurina’s up close at all. These are pretty big!

Click for bigger image!

Click for higher res!

Click for ITAI!

For all you sole lovers out there. I still don’t get it. Click for you know what.

Yurina Kumai – Attack of the Giant Schoolgirl

10 Feb

Berryz Kobo’s giant idol, Yurina Kumai, is made to look even taller than she actually is with the low camera angle.

Honestly, I think the focus is on her long, yummy legs. Don’t lie Mr. Photographer. You know what wota like, don’t you? Sure you do!

The only thing is missing is a miniature city surrounding her!

But all kidding aside, Kumai-chan is so pretty and this photograph really shows off her best assets!

Click for hi-res!