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Saki Shimizu – Beach Babe

7 Nov

Idol photobooks will invariably feature bikini/swimsuit photos. It’s practically a law. That being said, when Captain finally got her photobook, I’m sure legions of Shimizu fans squeed with excitement at seeing her bikini clad and cute.

I’d say they probably weren’t disappointed. I sure waasn’t. Saki is terribly cute. She looks great in biknis and of course I have to say it: the girl has really cute feet.

Here’s one of my favorite shots from that photo session!

Click for hi-res!

Four of A Kind

28 Sep

Here’s a great shot of Airi Suzuki, Saki Shimizu, Reina Tanaka, and Kanon Fukuda dressed in cute (and very short) yukata! Ideal clothing for hot weather! Pair that with flip flops, like the girls are wearing, and you’re sure to beat the heat!

These are four of my favorite Hello! Project girls and the fact that each one of them are showing off their cute feet is a big bonus! I’d like to thank whoever took this photo!

Click for hi-res yummy!

Saki Shimizu – Captain of Cute

23 Jul

Ok, she’s not C-ute’s captain, but she is indeed captain of Berryz Kobo  (but you all knew that already!)

For the longest time, she sported the “tomboy” look as seen on other Hello! Project idols like Chisato Okai and Saki Ogawa. More recently, Saki grew out her hair and looks absolutely adorable. On top of all of this, she is quite possibly the best dancer in Berryz Kobo.

Have you seen her do her thing? It’s a sight to behold!

That being said, here’s a great picture of Saki! Please take note of her cuteness, from her expression to her yummy toes!

Click for hi-res!

Saki Shimizu