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Maimi Yajima – At the Beach 3-shot!

28 Jun

Here’s C-ute’s Maimi Yajima at the beach! She’s a Hello! Project favorite, especially when it comes to swim wear! Of course, you can’t blame people for wanting to see her on the beach!

As usual, click the thumbnail to see the full-sized image!

Morning Musume’s 12th Generation!

13 May

Hi everyone! Erika here! I’m back after a super long hiatus! School and work, work and school! You know how it is!

A lot has changed with Hello! Project and I’ve been reading about it all! I’m sad to see Berryz Kobo retire, but at the same time I am excited to see new groups added to the line-up!

For Morning Musume (sorry, no ’15! They will always be just MoMusu to me!) I was really pleased with the selection of the new 12th generation members – Haruna Ogata, Miki Nonaka, Maria Makino, and Akane Haga! I’m especially a fangirl of Miki since she speaks almost perfect English!

Here’s a pic of the 12th generation girls from last year when they debuted that I quite enjoyed!

As always, click the pic for a larger size!

Ayaka Wada & Kanon Fukuda – Poolside Beauties

14 Sep

Hello! It’s Erika! Long time no see, right?

Here’s a BEAUTIFUL picture Ayaka Wada and Kanon Fukuda of S/mileage from their new photobook “S/mileage 2 – Ayaka non 18 Sai no Yakusoku”.

As always, click for the hi-res version!

Ayaka Wada and Kanon Fukuda