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Tanaka X Takahashi

30 Nov

Here’s one of my favorite pictures of both Reina Tanaka and Ai Takahashi. These two rank pretty high on my favorites list!

Not sure where this photo is from, a magazine shoot I think, but there are some cute things I noticed going on here – Reina flashing a peace sign behind her back and a what appears to be a toe ring on her left foot! I’ve said it before, sole shots aren’t normally my thing, but this particular shot of Reina is really nice. Ai-chan is no slouch either.

Is it just me, or is the real focus in this photo not the girls but their feet?

Click for hi-res!

Saki Nakajima – The Pose

29 Nov

Here’s the lovely Saki Nakajima of C-ute fame, looking rather gorgeous as she lies partially submerged. This great shot is from her latest photobook entitled “W Saki”. Yeah, I don’t get the name either. I thought they would’ve used Nakky (or Nacky) again, but whatever.

I did a little research and found out that amongst hardcore foot fetishists, the pose Nakky is in is often times referred to as “The Pose”. Supposedly, foot fetishists who are into soles (doesn’t float my boat, btw) LOVE this. I think it’s just a cute pose, pure and simple!

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Thankful for Maimi Yajima!

24 Nov

To all my fellow Americans: I hope you are having a great Thanksgiving! It’s one of the few days where you’re allowed to act like an absolute glutton! You’re going to need all of that fuel for Black Friday!

Here’s a cute little segment of Maimi Yajima that I clipped from her “A Rainy Day” dvd. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Maimi Yajima Omake!