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Mari Yaguchi – Beauty and the Bench

23 Oct

Here’s Mari looking ravishing! I believe this was from her last photobook that was shot on location in Vietnam.

Yaguchi was my favorite old-school MoMusu girls, thanks to my exposure to her and Minimoni! She’s a tiny girl with tiny feet to match!

Nice to see her back in the spotlight again as she’s performing with other ex-MoMusu members in Dream Morning Musume. What an awkward name.

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Mai Hagiwara – My My, Mai

22 Oct

Mai Hagiwara has grown up before our very eyes. Starting off in C-ute as a cute little girl, Mai has grown into a beautiful young woman.

And grown she has. She’s taller than Chisato, who is a few years older and now a few inches shorter than Mai!

This cute photo is from her photobook, I believe.

Lin Lin – Panda In Pink

21 Oct

Here’s Linlin looking pretty in pink, accentuated by her blue toes!

I miss the pandas and feel it was a big mistake for Tsunku to just get rid of them the way he did. They had a good fanbase and were definitely talented. Linlin had arguably the best vocals in that particular MoMusu line-up.

Tsunku could’ve kept them around – maybe even spun them off into their own W-esque  duo group. What a shame. Sometimes I think that man is a bit shortsighted.

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