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Maimi Yajima – Barefoot Lounging

28 Sep

Here’s the ever popular and gorgeous Maimi Yajima of C-ute!

This shot is from her digital photobook released a few months ago. This was previously released in a digital format for smart phones. I’m really glad these awesome photos were released in a higher resolution.

If you ever wanted to know what Maimi’s feet look like or if you’re already a fan of them, this set is for you. Practically every other shot features her bare feet, something I was very happy to see!

Wouldn’t you like to jump into bed with her and play footsies under the covers?

Click for hi-res goodness!

Four of A Kind

28 Sep

Here’s a great shot of Airi Suzuki, Saki Shimizu, Reina Tanaka, and Kanon Fukuda dressed in cute (and very short) yukata! Ideal clothing for hot weather! Pair that with flip flops, like the girls are wearing, and you’re sure to beat the heat!

These are four of my favorite Hello! Project girls and the fact that each one of them are showing off their cute feet is a big bonus! I’d like to thank whoever took this photo!

Click for hi-res yummy!

Natsumi Abe – Lovely Nacchi

27 Sep

Natsumi Abe is one of the original members of Morning Musume and current member of Dream Morning Musume. She’s had a decent solo career with a string of memorable songs. She’s recently been cast in a live action film over the summer.

Here’s a great shot of her from one of her photobooks. Personally, I hate how sand sticks to you and gets EVERYWHERE, but at the same time I love digging my toes into it.

I love the warmth of sand as it envelops my feet. Darn it, now I need to go to the beach!