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Chisato Okai – Okai Is OK!

28 Jul

Chisato Okai. Not much more needs to be said other than I think she’s awesome. Something tells me she could break away from C-ute in the future. She’d make an awesome soloist!

Here’s a great shot of Chisato from her recently released digital photobook! I love the pose, the smile, and her outfit (I’m wearing something very similar as I type this; yes I’m also barefoot!)

Click to enjoy hi-res!

Chisato Okai

Rika Ishikawa – Charmy Toes

26 Jul

Rika Ishikawa, aka Charmy, graduated from Morning Musume some years ago, had a nice run with Biyuuden, rocking out with Hitomi Yoshizawa as one half of Hangry & Angry, and is now performing in Dream Morning Musume with other former MoMusu members.

This is a cute photo! I love her smile and I love the color on her toes!

Click for hi-res!

Rika Ishikawa

Ayaka Wada – Beach Beauty

25 Jul

Ayaka Wada, aka DAWA, is captain of the super H!P group S/mileage. I’m sure you knew this already.

You probably also know that her batch of digital photobook photos have been released and can be found on various H!P sites, just in time for summer! Personally, I love these digital photobooks as they’re “outtakes” from whichever photobook was released that month. Photos deemed not worthy for print, but still good enough to be seen!

Anyhow, here’s a great shot of DAWA in a cute little two piece bikini. The beach they chose is rather desolate looking, isn’t it? On a side note, good shots of the S/mileage girls’ feet are rare. Sure you see them wearing cute little strappy or open-toed shoes (which, btw, I love – but how can they dance in them?). But rarely do you see their footsies, ahem, footloose and fancy free. So it makes shots like this one special (in my book at least).


Click for hi-res awesomeness!

Ayaka Wada