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Airi Suzuki – Simply Gorgeous

27 Jun

Super idol Airi Suzuki of C-ute (one of my favorites, btw) sure has been busy lately! She’s got a new photobook out and another one on the way! She also has an accompanying DVD to go with it! Lucky for us, there are tons of bikini shots and you know what that means: we get to see more of her cute feet!

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Airi Suzuki

Ai Takahashi – A Beauty From Head to Toes

24 Jun

Ai Takahashi is one of my favorite Morning Musume members. I’m sad that’s she’s leaving the group, but I have great memories of her and her work!

Ai receives a lot of attention thanks to her Ai-butt. I admit, she’s got a great rear end and who wouldn’t want to give it a few spanks? But one of the things I noticed about her is how nice her feet are!

Trust me, a girl doesn’t go through the trouble of pedicures and what not only to hide her feet in socks and shoes! She wants to show them off! I know I’m guilty of that (especially now that summer is underway – hello flip flops!)

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Ai Takahashi

Erina Mano – Cute Girl, Cute Feet!

24 Jun

Hello! Project soloist Erina Mano is a favorite of mine. She’s such a cutie! She also has a really cute and sweet personality! It’s not difficult to like this girl! She may not have the best singing voice (which isn’t necessarily important for Japanese idols), but she does play piano well and has been playing since kindergarten!

One thing I’ve noticed in regards to Erina Mano photoshoots is that she often goes barefoot in many of them, even if she start off wearing shoes! This is always a bonus for me as I’m the type of girl that always appreciates the unnecessary removal of footwear! ^____^

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Erina Mano